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Use a Strong Password

Think of a difficult password consisting of letters and numbers that make it easy to remember, and it's hard for others to find. If your myAccess password is identical to other web, email, or social network passwords then it is easy to break this password. AccessBank, in turn, pays great attention to the security of your passwords, but can not guarantee this for other sites. We strongly encourage you to set the password you are no longer using for myAccess. Bank recommends you to change your password several times a year. Please note that a good password is 90% of your funds' security.

Keep your password confidential.

The safest place to store your password - your memory. Do not tell anyone and do not share personal information. Do not write down your password on myAccess. Do not save the password of myAccess in the browser. The best way to remember a password - enter it on a regular basis when entering myAccess. Visit myAccess more often to make payments and track the money. Try not to use questionable places for working with myAccess (Internet cafes and etc.). Just keep the password confidential at all times.


Use licensed anti-virus software and update it regularly. A good antivirus protects against spyware, encrypts your passwords and self eliminates security threats. If you have used the mobile Internet on the phone, it certainly keeps your personal data. Use Antivirus for smartphones, to protect them. For additional protection, you may use the Internet Security. In addition to the functions of anti-virus tools offer secure payments (isolated virtual environment for online transactions). And do not forget to promptly install security updates of the operating system.

Watch for the SMS

We will send you messages about each transaction. Once you see an SMS with the operation that you did not commit, immediately call the bank. Put your electronic signature (AsanImza) only for orders you expect or have initiated yourself.

Be aware of unsolicited emails or phone calls.

Be aware of unsolicited emails or phone calls. You might be asked for PINs or passwords – your bank or the police would never ask for these in full. If someone calls you up on behalf of your bank and asks you to provide personal data and/or to sign electronically, refrain from taking any action at all, for your bank will never ask you to provide this kind of information. AccessBank will never ask for your confidential information via phone or email. So whether you get an apparent phone call from the bank or an email requesting your details, do not give out your login information.

Use your login and password only on the bank's official page

Please note that when accessing the site, https: // is in the URL. This means that the site is secure

Regularly check your statements

Contact the bank immediately when you find any suspicious transaction.

If you suspect someone has access to your page

Login to myAccess to change your Password and immediately contact the Bank